About us

 Cosmos Industrial has a multinational player base with active players in all time zones. We pride ourselves on being a professional, friendly culture and maintain those friendships outside of the game. Our leadership structure is here to make sure you can play EVE however you want to play it.

Real Life Comes First!


if your looking for a low-stress place to have a good time then look no further.
We have a focus on mining and industry but are active in all aspects of eve, from exploration through to PvE and members ranging from newbros to veterans.
So no matter what your goal in eve we can help you get there!!

Our services

Cosmos Industries provide services that will make your life easier and more efficient.

Ore Buyback


We offer to buy your Ores from you at all of our primary operating locations. The buyback system ensures that you are always paid fairly according to the prices in Jita. This saves you a lot of time from hauling and money from the market taxes

Mining Boost


Mining in a group is much more efficient, specially if someone is able to fly a industrial command ship to boost your mining stats. Cosmos Industrial has organized boosters that are able to raise official corporation Mining fleets with exellent mining boosts!

Public Blueprints


Members in our corporation are able to copy blueprints from our BPO library and manufacture at will


Join us in the belts!


Cosmos Industrial

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If you’d like to know more you can message us in-game or on our recruitment channel

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